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Shemp Howard, född Samuel Horwitz den 11 mars 1895 i Manhattan, New York, död den 22 november 1955 i Hollywood, Kalifornien, var en amerikansk skådespelare som bland annat ingick i komikergruppen The Three Stooges samt deltog i ett stort antal filmer under 1930-, 1940- och 1950-talet. Curly Howard | Stooges Wiki | Fandom Jerome Lester "Jerry" Horwitz (October 22, 1903 – January 18, 1952), better known by his stage name Curly Howard was an American comedian and vaudevillian. He is best known as a member of the American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges, along with his older brothers Moe Howard and Shemp Howard, and actor Larry Fine. Curly is generally considered the most popular and recognizable of the Shemp Howard | Doblaje Wiki | Fandom Shemp Howard., Fue un actor cómico estadounidense su carrera abarcó desde 1923 hasta 1955. Su nombre real era Samuel Horwitz era el mayor de sus hermanos, formó parte del trío original de Los Tres Chiflados antes de separarse cuando tuvo un contrato teatral el cual fue conocido por su apariciones en películas cómicas sobre todo con el duo de Abbott y Costello por mucho tiempo. Tras el

Shemp Howard (nacido como Samuel Horwitz; Brooklyn, Nueva York, 11 de marzo de 1895-Los Ángeles, California, 22 de noviembre de 1955) fue un actor y uno de los grandes humoristas estadounidenses, estrella de cine de los años 1930 a 1950, y conocido especialmente por su trabajo en la serie de cortos de Los Tres Chiflados.

Shemp Howard (March 11, 1895 – November 22, 1955) was an American actor and comedian best known Samuel Horwitz (March 11, 1895 – November 22, 1955), more known professionally as Shemp Howard was an American actor and comedian best known as a  Commonly known by their first names, Larry, Moe, & Curly (sometimes spelled "Curley"); Larry, Moe & Shemp; and other lineups became famous for their work in  Shemp Howard was an American actor and comedian and one of The Three Stooges. Shemp Howard in Brideless Groom 1947.png 400 × 489; 274 KB · video. Samuel Horwitz-Shemp Howard. 9026 likes · 167 talking about this. Shemp Howard (March 11, 189 – November 22, 1955) was an American actor and 

Origin. The term references the comedy trio The Three Stooges.On November 22, 1955, Stooge Shemp Howard died suddenly of a heart attack at age 60. At the time, the Stooges still had four shorts left to deliver (Rumpus in the Harem, Hot Stuff, Scheming Schemers, and Commotion on the Ocean), by the terms of their annual contract with Columbia Pictures.

Shemp Howard | Pooh's Adventures Wiki | Fandom Shemp Howard was an American actor and comedian best known as a part of the Three Stooges comedy team. Born Samuel Horwitz, he was called "Shemp" because "Sam" came out that way in his mother's thick Litvak accent. He was the older brother of both Moe Howard and Jerome "Curly" Howard as well as the "third stooge" in the early years of the act. He would rejoin the trio in May 1946 after Curly Shemp Howard – Jewiki Nach seinem Ausscheiden kam sein Bruder Curly Howard in die Truppe. Nachdem Curly 1946 einen schweren Schlaganfall erlitt und danach nie mehr als Stooge arbeiten konnte, übernahm Shemp wieder seinen alten Platz in dem Trio. Er blieb bei den Stooges bis zu seinem eigenen Tod im Jahr 1955. Shemp war einer von fünf Brüdern der Eltern Jennie und Shemp Howard — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 Samuel Horwitz (March 11, 1895 – November 22, 1955), known professionally as Shemp Howard, was an American comedian and actor. He was called "Shemp" because "Sam" came out that way in his mother's thick Litvak accent. He is best known today for his role as the third stooge in the Three Stooges, a role he first portrayed at the beginning of the act in the early 1920s (1923–1932) while the Shemp Howard - Biography - IMDb

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Early life Edit. Shemp was born in Manhattan, New York.He was the third of the five Horwitz brothers and of Lithuanian Jewish ancestry.. Career Edit Show business Edit. Moe Howard entered show business as a youngster, on stage and in films. Shemp Howard Biography 2017 - Facts, Childhood, Wiki, Family Life Complete Shemp Howard 2017 Biography. Shemp Howard Family, Childhood, Life Achievements, Facts, Wiki and Bio of 2017.